Weekly Mentoring

Weekly Mentoring

50.00 - 200.00
This weekly subscription includes a 30 minute phone, or Skype session with Justice, unlimited texts, emails and, or Facebook messenger support. All Justice's sessions, and classes, use a combination of somatic practice, intuitive guidance, trauma re-patterning, NLP, hypnosis and energy healing to create powerful change. This is a popular option for people who have either worked with me over a longer period of time, or for people, including professional healers of therapists, who are experienced at doing personal healing and self-discover work.

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These sessions are for clients who are committed to ongoing support! 

We meet weekly for 30 minutes, usually the same time and day. Between sessions, clients have access to Justice for ongoing support. In any session, we will dialogue openly, sharing, listening and feeling for what is most relevant in the moment, by paying attention to the body, emotions and intuition. These sessions are quick and powerful and teach clients, through practice, the process Justice uses. It's simple, powerful and life-changing.

Justice had been supporting clients successfully, in this manner for years. Recently she added the option to be included in a group of like minded, like hearted, people who are all doing this work together. Our group chat is supportive, and the weekly meetings have an organic flow in which everyone shares, listens and offers compassionate support. 

Interested? Contact Justice for a free 20 minute interview.

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