Re Wilding: Bringing Primal Wisdom to Modern Life Retreat.

Re Wilding: Bringing Primal Wisdom to Modern Life Retreat.

This 3 day retreat we will combine inner work (dream sharing, journeying & meditation) with physical team-building, hiking and other interactive group activities. You will unravel limitations and learn why you function in relationship the way you do. We will gently explore instinct injury and trauma repair. All while attuning to nature, the elements & like-minded individuals.

Located in Gallatin Valley, near Bozeman, Montana. Meals & lodging included.

Next date to be announced for Spring 2022

Justice Bartlett is a consciousness guide, author & healer who has been practicing for fifteen years.

Group & couple rates available.

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Next date to be announced for Spring 2022

We will be blending a wonderful combination of internal and external activities throughout this retreat. We will be doing inner journey, psychological, and meditation work, as well as engaging in an onsite ropes course, hiking and other interactive group activities and games. 

A loose outline of our schedule: 

We will have our first ritual and group exercise at 4pm on Friday afternoon. That will lead into dinner, followed by a campfire and some activities. Saturday morning will begin with dream sharing and guided meditation followed by brunch, some outer directed exercises involving the ropes courses and enjoying the stunning landscape. Another round of ritual and inner work will be followed by dinner, a campfire, and another group activity. 

Our final morning together will include some more inner work, then a hike followed by our closing ritual and brunch.

Bozeman Hot springs is located between the retreat location and the airport and participants are invited to conclude their adventure with a soak in the natural springs. The facilities also include a dry sauna and steam room, and for anyone who wants to stick around through Monday, live music Sunday evening. 

Rock Haven is set off Highway 191 outside of Gallatin Gateway, Montana. It is nestled amongst tress and the Gallatin river flows through it. Accommodations are rustic, single bunk beds with detached a shower house. There is a full kitchen and meals will be provided. Please inform us of any special dietary needs. Meals will not be vegan or vegetarian but will include options. 

The nearest airport is Gallatin Field. It is about a 45 minute ride to the location. I suggest people try to connect for ride sharing and I will be available for some shuttling if needed. 

Retreat Follow Up: I will offer a webinar for people attendees one month after the retreat to facilitate integration.

I'm so excited to welcome you all to the beautiful countryside where I live. It is truly magical.