Clarity Coaching Container.

Clarity Coaching Container.

Plant seeds. Take root, and thrive.

This support container includes 3 60 minute 1:1 sessions with Justice plus intermediary support.

Bring your heart, your hurt, your hopes and heal. A lot can happen in 60 minutes when 2 people are committed to holding presence with each other, being honest kind and courageous—together.

This is the state that Justice holds as she guides clients through a gentle, yet direct, process led by listening and intuitive questioning. She helps clients learn to tune into their emotions, bodies, and life-stories to ease stress, reduce the impacts of trauma, gain clarity in relationships (past and present) and to set, and accomplish, goals.

As part of the session container, Justice offers her support between sessions, (via text or email), as part of the transformational partnership. As processing is ongoing, so is her support.
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