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    Our Mission

    Justice Bartlett's mission is to offer clear, compassionate communication about the hard, holy and human nature of life. To that end she offers thoughtful articles, videos, interviews, as well as healing & hypnotherapy sessions and classes.

  • About Justice Bartlett

    Justice Bartlett is a wild woman, writer, witch, matriarch, and consciousness provocateur.

    As a certified hypnotherapist, she believes that whatever state of distress, illness, or habit that we are suffering with is a type of trance (caused by stress, shock, and trauma) and our natural state is one of relaxed health, awareness and balance.

    Awakening this natural state allows people to heal and bring harmony to their relationships while kindling their passion, purpose, and creativity. Justice is passionate about communication and writes prolifically for her blog, on Elephant Journal, and all over social media. (And she is working on a book!)

    With her words she touches the core threads of humanity that let us feel and heal together.

    Her main clientele is often other professional healers and therapists but hundreds of clients—since 2005, from all over the world—have benefited from her heart-won wisdom.

    Justice believes we are the source of our own healing. She is merely an honored guide.


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  • Healing, Hypnotherapy, Mentoring & Classes

    The purpose of these sessions, and classes is to help repair, build or strengthen the bridge between your inner and outer world, improve communication in relationships, reduce stress, ease pain, unravel addictions, heal trauma, and set and achieve goals. We will use a combination of hypnosis and intuitive guidance to help you gain the tools and understanding that you need to heal and succeed. Contact Justice for a free 20 minute interview to see if her guidance can be of support to you. *Please note: 1.8% service fee is added to all purchases.*

    Justice's services will be increased 30% beginning 2022


    Recommended Reading

    Here is a list of articles, written by Justice, published in Elephant Journal, that she suggests clients read.
  • Playing with the Hard, Holy & Human.

    Here you will find insightful blogs by Justice Bartlett, as well as other guest authors. Also check out Blinded by the Light, the podcast that addresses spiritual trauma, cult mentality and recovery, co-hosted with Bayard Lewis.


    Let's Collaborate.

  • Testimonials

    What people are Sharing about Justice's Work.


    "The value of Justice’s work is fundamental to understanding trauma and the psyche. The practical yet deeply intuitive approach she offers provides a space for one to address root causes, supporting genuine breakthroughs. My personal well being in relation to working with Justice has improved immensely and has given me the opportunity to stay actively engaged in my own self healing." ~Priscilla

    3 Session Series Client

    "Justice led me to the core of my consciousness where things were confused and held safe space for me to figure it out for myself and disentangle threads that prevented maturity and development. No quick fix, this is lasting, it's physical, it's emotional and spans my lifetime." ~Tim


    "Justice, You have been instrumental in my transformation and liberation. I am a completely different person today then I was when I started working with you. Your assistance has helped change my life and the life of my children. I recommend you to anyone who wants to make a deep, lasting change. Thank you and much appreciation." ~Kim (mentoring)

    90 minute session

    "Justice is pure love. I recommend these services to people who are ready to take life, business, relationships and health to the next level. During our session, Justice coached me through ways I could play with whatever I wanted to see change - ...she didn't just do the change for me. She reminded me of the simple things I've learned from Matrix Seminars that catalyze change. One of the things I wanted to enhance was the flow of abundance thru my work channel. I Skyped with Justice on a Friday afternoon. The following Friday my weekly business had more than tripled. All with wonderful people who were so enthusiastic and grateful and generous. It was truly amazing. to my delight some clients I really enjoy and rarely see, came in too! That is a big change and I've just been noticing more and more good coming my way, like opportunities to participate in community events. The hour went by really quickly. I am so glad I followed my heart & intuition and made an appointment with Justice. " ~Brenda


    "The teleconference was fascinating, a very neat look at the forces that limited me as a child, was not a part of my true self. As we went down the Rabbit Hole (and it literally felt like I was floating deep into a comforting, deep, black space that was loving and harmonious), I saw images and and flashes of myself in school. In the corner were all the things I was told to be that was not me. As the patterns were cleared, my body physically moved and I felt my mind and body relaxed and hum. I walked away from the teleconference feeling altered. Throughout the night, I felt the patterns continue to detangle, like my body was letting go of a very large load. Today, I’ve noticed stress reactions are considerably diminished. I really liked how Justice worked and taught, gentle, full of explanation and on many levels from science to spirituality. Like my ears heard some things she said and my body felt different states of consciousness that were brought to the conversation. Overall highly recommend.

    Thank you very much"~ KM


    I keep a mindful social media presence, offering little genuine peeks into my life, access to my writing, and healing events.

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