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Snuggling with Our Shadows.

It's easy to love the likable—the appropriate, the put-together, the proper portfolio, the good boy or good girl. It's harder to love the messy parts—the moody, selfish, arrogant, demanding, insecure or needy aspects of ourselves or others. But those are the parts that really need the love. 

Carl Jung coined the term, "shadow", as a means for describing the elements in our psyche that we tend to suppress. Those elements, that we often don't want to acknowledge or tend to, hold tremendous power.  They are comprised of the qualities that we tell ourselves, or have been told are: too much, too loud, too needy, too sexual, too angry, too dominant, too dependent or whatever our family, society or even ourselves, have deemed unworthy or unlovable. 

We need to walk into these places where we hide our power from ourselves and each other and learn to touch it, learn to listen and learn to hold them. 

This practice is part of true acceptance and if we are going to get naked with each other—if we are going to engage in the art of intimacy, alone and together—we need to get comfortable with the raw, the wild, the tender and rebellious side of our soul.

Join Justice Barteltt and Greg Friedman for this engaging conversation. 

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