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Positivity Overload

An interview with Laura at the Peaceful Life Podcast

I recently wrote an article on Elephant Journal called, “Positive Vibes Only” is Toxic: the Danger of New Age Spiritualism." It went viral—it currently has over 230,000 reads. Anyone who knows me, knows this is an important topic to me, and having it get this kind of exposure has been so rewarding and exciting.

Well, the excitement continues—as does the expansion—as I was recently contacted to be a guest on the Peaceful Life Podcast.

Here is are the links to the article, and here is the link to the podcast. I hope you'll check them out!

Here's a favorite quote shared in both the article and the podcast: "The notion that we can simply focus on the positive and effect change is like trying to clean our bathroom blindfolded, while simultaneously convincing ourselves that it’s not dirty in the first place."

Yeah, it's like that, we have to look, even when we don't want to. Things need cleaning, and the point of the light is to, yes! bask in its warmth and—shine it under the bed and have a look at what's been left behind, and use it to clean up those things we keep stumbling over. It's the only way we can stay genuinely open to the hard, holy and human.

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