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Men & Women Honoring the Feminine

What does it mean, all this talk of divine masculine and feminine?

It means that we honor both (and all!) expressions of life-force. It means we value who, and what, we innately are: whole beings seeking union. We are the dynamic dance—polarizing and harmonizing, nurturing and protective, restoring and encouraging. 

We are men and women who are acknowledging that we are the embodied creative imperative—masculine and feminine—and neither is greater than the other.  We are equal and different, complete and yearning for each other. All of life comes from the blessed womb of woman, and all of life was seeded by the sacred essence of man. 

Without this union—there is no life. 

The Gnostics believe in order for life to be created the that which was whole chose to split. Woman—Sophia descended. And Man—Logos remained discarnate. Within this myth lies the keys to our awakening. 

We here, on Earth—men and women—in the material world exist to serve the wakening Feminine.  We are here to sew seeds with loving thoughts and deeds, curious and reverent pondering and courageous acts that follow. For in our service, She rises to nourish us, and in our shared desires and adoration, together, we thrive. 

Our minds are not meant to control—but to discover and explore. Our bodies are not meant for subjugation—but for celebration. 

Our very existence is an homage to life, and the recognition and actualization of our bond with Her and each other. This is a call to prayer and an invitation to sink sweetly into the arms of devotion. 

This is more than an awakening—this is our homecoming.

In this video taken from a FaceBook live, Justice Bartlett and Greg Friedman dialogue with each other, and viewers, about the divine masculine and feminine. How do these dynamics—inner and outer—effect our relationships with ourselves, life and each other? How can men and women grow in mutual respect and support for each other? 

Stay tuned for informaiton on our upcoming retreat. Fire & Ice: Dynamic Bonding with Life & Each Other.