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Maybe like Me, You've Had Enough.

My Social Media Rant about Respect & Boundaries.

This was a post I shared on my FaceBook wall after I had been ill for a fewl days. 

During that time I got more spam messages that varied from subtle pestering, to outright harassment than I had gotten in a longt time. This was my public response: (Oh, yes, I swear. I'm adult if it bothers you, don't read it.)

Greetings and salutations!

Not only am I finally fucking upright today--I am fed-the-fuck-up!

In case you men haven't been paying attention I am one of your biggest advocates. I keep writing and sharing about how much I love y'all. And with what I've been through with some of your kind--that is actually a bonafide miracle.

So here's the thing...

I won't make excuses for, or tolerate, the nonsense. If my tenderness as of lately has obscured my warrioresses, let me assure you she's fucking here!

Yes, I am a full blown Aphrodite but there's so much more, since some of you clearly aren't paying attention. There's the Persephonite--the bride of the Underworld and mother-loving Madeusa too--the scorned goddess, the serpent woman.

In the past I've tended to freeze and struggle for connection. It's a survival strategy and it's what a lot of women do.

No more.

We need our rage. We need our hunter. We need our inner Lilith, and all the other parts of ourselves we've been told are too wild--too dangerous--for society.

You see, women, who don't yet get it. This how we hold men in check. We give them all of us to deal with. We don't hack ourselves up for their pleasure, and we resist the urge to hack them up, too.

We merely slam the gate.

(And, occasionally, we take a head or two. )

Yeah, guys, I fucking love you, and I will continue to unravel all the knots in my own psyche to do so better. What I'm not going to do is entertain any more draining behavior.

And in honor of the Medusa writhing in my soul right now: any obnoxious shit, any lewd comments, any ongoing conversations with yourself in my inbox--any vampiric bullshit and you're fucking blocked.

I'll not have little boys tugging at my apron strings while I'm doing my work and my breast feeding days are long the fuck over.

Grow up or get out!

Please Note: Up until this post I had a rarely blocked anyone on social media. After this post I blocked more people in about 3 days than in all my time combined. We have the right to protect ourselves, and our space. 

~Justice Bartlett