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4 Thrifty Tips for Looking and Feeling Great Throughout the Pandemic.

Contribution by: Cheryl Conklin

With the world struggling against an unseen enemy, it’s easy to get bogged down with unhealthy thought patterns.

Fear of what is happening and what the future might hold can undermine your hope, cause stress, and derail your sense of normalcy, so it’s important to cultivate habits that help sustain you. You can even thrive during the pandemic, and you don’t need to go to a lot of trouble or expense to ensure you feel and look your best.

Get Some Exercise.

Exercise is good for both your physical and mental well-being. According to Time, it promotes brain health, can help you feel happier, reduce the size of fat cells, and can even improve blood flow to the skin, which encourages a more youthful appearance.

Finding safe ways to work out can be a challenge during COVID-19, but being creative can make a world of difference. For instance, simple exercises like planking, pushups and chair dips can build muscles. Similarly, you can do a vigorous cardiovascular workout for free and with no equipment, right in your home.

Eat Nutritious Foods.

Consuming proper nutrition ensures your body has everything you need to maintain wellness. You need to take in the right balance of vitamins, minerals, fiber, fat, protein and carbohydrates to keep your immune system functioning properly, right down to the cellular level. It’s how your bones and muscles stay strong and your digestive system operates properly. It also helps keep your mind healthy, clear and positive.

Try to stock your cupboards with staples from which you can make healthy meals. Whole grains like barley, rice and oats are versatile basics for your meals, and you can make well-rounded soups, sandwiches and stews that are as satisfying and delicious as they are nutritious.

Stay Hydrated.

Your body is 60 percent water, and your brain is 75 percent water. Each of your cells needs water in order for you to live, and without proper hydration, you are at higher risk for anxiety and depression and you will not feel nor look your best. Your mouth can feel dry, your joints might not function properly, you might feel too hot, and your digestive system cannot perform optimally. It even affects the health and appearance of your skin.

Ensure you drink water throughout the day, with men aiming for about 124 ounces and women aiming for about 92 ounces. To help hydrate from the outside, you might even include moisturizers and other skin care products in your self-care regimen. Retailers like Walgreens are great for finding inexpensive health and beauty products, and you can top off their competitive prices with Walgreens savings opportunities found online.

Avoid Unnecessary Stress.

Sometimes we are our own worst enemies. We pile on too much work, engage toxic people through social media, or watch upsetting news stories right before bed. If you’re struggling with maintaining a positive outlook during the pandemic, identify habits that might be making a negative contribution to how you feel, and replace them with happier pastimes.

Even if you’re stuck inside, that doesn’t mean you’re limited to those crazy-making options. Decluttering, cleaning, and opening your windows can help to reset your outlook. A little time meditating, reading a book, listening to music or playing with your pets or children can also relieve anxiety. Make sure that when you do engage with others, even via the web, that it’s healthy and positive as well. Try to stay in the present, and if you need extra support and emotional healing, sign up for a virtual hypnotherapy session with Justice Bartlett.

You have lots of options. You can chat online with a friend, or call someone that you miss. Just hearing their voice, talking about what’s happening with them, and sharing together can put the spring back into your step! Don’t overlook the possibility of a good, old-fashioned letter, too. It’s not instant, but it’s something those you’re missing can enjoy over and over again, and the process of writing out your thoughts can be surprisingly therapeutic.

Getting through the pandemic doesn’t need to be a drag. Look for ways to take care of yourself every day, without stretching your energy or your budget. When you come through on the other side, you’ll be happier and healthier as a result.

Cheryl Conklin writes and tutors for a purpose. From being a dedicated blogger, traveler, and adventurer, she created Wellness Central so she could share her thoughts and resources gathered from her endless aspiration to achieve wellness for both herself and everyone.


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